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We strive to ensure that our stakeholders are successful.
Systems Engineering


IBIT Corp.'s key competency is integrating and upgrading existing operational systems with new system developments flawlessly.  We take pride in understanding our customer's requirements, needs, and strategic vision to develop the best system's integration approach.


Our team members have extensive experience in providing systems analysis, risk assessments, and risk mitigation plans, installation and test plans, and installation efforts at operational facilities that resulted no impacts to the customer's system.



IBIT has the very best industry experts and offers premier custom techniques to build effective and cost efficient technical solutions for our customers.   We believe there is always a solution.

Our team members have extensive experience in designing technical solutions such as data communications, COMSEC solutions, and interconnectivity between nationally dispersed operational customer facilities. 


Project Management


IBIT Corp. key capabilities consists of managing projects and portfolios ranging from small in-scope commercial projects to large in-scope, complex, multi-million dollar national and international projects. 


Our team members have extensive experience in managing space to ground projects from architectural inception to detailed design for deployment and integration at various operational locations for DoD firms in the US and internationally.

  • Project Engineering & Management Consulting Services:

Stakeholder Management,

Project Planning and Coordination,

Project Schedule Development,

Budget and Cost Analysis & Estimates,

Schedule Opportunity & Risk Analysis,

Headcount & Resource Analysis,

Earned Value Implementation


  • Technical Solutions Services:

Requirements Documentation,

Technical Architecture & Design,

Technical Evaluations,

Proof of Concept Analysis,

Interface Solutions and Design,

Contingency Assessments and Plan Development

  • Technical Writing & Documentation:

Technical Specifications,

Procedural Development,

Data sheets,


Project Turnover Packages,

AutoCAD Drawings,

Solid Works Drawings and Modeling


  • Systems Engineering:

Research & Development,

Architecture Design,

Systems Installation,

Systems Integration,

Systems Test Planning and Execution


  • Office Administration:


Technical Writing & Documentation


IBIT Corp. understands that a great design is built on effective requirements, communication, and documentation.  Clear and concise documentation is always recognized as top-notch by our customers.


Our team members have extensive experience developing high-level and detailed design technical documentation, developing AutoCAD & Visio drawings, customer turnover packages and presentations, site surveys, the development of installation and test plans, and systems configuration documentation. 

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